Capacitive Multitouch Solutions

Today consumers demand vivid displays and elegant user interfaces. But integrating a capacitive touchscreen is not a trivial task. PDA has a variety of standard touchsensors and modules to help you upgrade the user interface of your product. Based on Atmel's best-in-class maXTouch™ line of touchscreen controllers, these sensors use the same capacitive touchscreen technology found in today's leading touch enabled products.

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Standard Touch Solutions:

Choose one of the proven designs from PDA's series of standard sensors offering best-in-class projected capacitance multi-touch functionality. Click the link at the right for more details :

Intended LCD
Active Area
Active Area
1.8 mXT112S 28.03 x 35.04 31.03 x 38.04 Contact PDA
2.8 mXT143E 43.2 x 57.6 46.2 x 60.6 28xx
3.5 mXT112S 73.44 x 48.96 76.44 x 51.96 35xx
4.3 mXT336T 95.04 x 53.86 98.04 x 58.54 43xx
5.0 mXT640T 108.0 x 64.8 111.0 x 67.8 Check Back Soon!
7 mXT640T 152.4 x 91.44 157.6 x 94.44 70xx
10.1 mXT1664S 222.72 x 125.28
216.96 x 135.6
225.72 x 128.28
219.96 x 138.6
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Custom Tailored Solutions:

If your application calls for something more unique, we offer a variety of options and services to help you add a touchscreen interface to your design. PDA can provide standard sensors in a custom configuration or we provide a fully custom design:

Support Fee
Touch Sensor Only        
Touch Panel      
Touch Display  
Touch Module Optional Optional
Full Custom Optional Optional Optional Optional

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